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8 Tips for more direct bookings to your Website in 2018

Here are a few simple tips that will help reclaim some share from the OTAs and increase direct bookings on your website


1. Check your Web-Booking Engine

  • Ensure it is straight-forward to make a reservation
  • Streamline the offers that are returned so visitors are not overwhelmed by the number of products (room type & price combinations)


2. Mobile Booking

  • Ensure your Hotel website is fully responsive
  • Mobile bookings are the fastest growing channel
  • Make a booking from your mobile to check the booking engine is dynamic, responsive and delivers the guest experience you expect it to deliver


3. SEO – Review Hotel Website search engine optimization

  • Check and update the short and long destination keywords to maximize organic positioning in search engine results.
  • Refine meta-tags, page titles and links and continue writing topical blogs


4. Don’t allow OTAs to bid under your name

  • Review the bidding clause in your OTA contracts
  • Send your hotel’s trademark to Google and other search engines so they can block OTA advertisements using your hotel name or brand.


5. PPC – Pay per click advertising

  • Bid for keywords on the hotel’s name to drive traffic directly to your hotel website and away from 3rd parties.
  • Use cookies to pop-up banners on visitors to your brand website


6. Recapture abandoned bookings

  • Target pop-ups and email re-engagement campaigns re-open the communication channels with visitors who have started but not completed a booking on the hotel website


7.  ORM – Online Reputation Management

  • Post-departure emails inviting guests to review their stay on your hotel site or well known review sites such as Tripadvisor, Holidaycheck, Google+
  • Manage reviews through an online reputation management tool such as TrustYou, ReviewPro or Revinate
  • Respond to all reviews. Remember this is not a job for the summer intern, but a senior manager
  • Give structured feed back to all departments and work on areas of improvement
  • Display the hotel review results on the hotel website to show guests opinion. Guests will have trust in your hotel, when they see what others experienced.


8. Meta-search

  • Have a business listing on TripAdvisor and display direct hotel rates in price comparison sites such as Kayak, TripAdvisor, Trivago and others.
  • Customers do like to buy directly from a hotel and seeing the same or better rates in a Meta search result, makes it easy to book directly on the hotel website.